The Jessie Palette

Review and Look with The Jessie Palette by Jessie James Decker 


Alexa Persico Cosmetics has quickly made it to the top of my list of favorite brands this year. Mainly because their products and colors are right up my alley and everything I have purchased has been amazing quality for the price. When she collaborated with style icon Jessie James Decker on a few collections I had to buy them! I was extremely impressed with the JJD lip kit that came out last year so when I heard she was launching a palette I rushed to purchase it. 

As you can see I am extremely happy with my purchase and love the colors and formula! Its extremely versatile with the matte and shimmer tones perfect for creating multiple looks.


Above is a look I created on my beautiful model using the palette, with "here kitty kitty" on her lid to create the glow smoked out with "georgia clay" and "lets get nude" as her transition color. 


I have pretty much been using this palette on myself everyday mostly to create this look above where I use "bronze bunny" and "hot chocolate" for a more smokey look. 


Jackie Romero