Exciting news for Spring and Summer 2018!

Custom Airbrush Tanning coming soon #spring2018! 

tanning 1.jpg

I am so excited to announce that after being highly requested, especially by my brides, I will  be offering custom airbrush tanning in addition to my hair and makeup services this spring and summer! 

tanning 2 .jpg

After being one of the most requested service other than makeup and hair, I decided to finally look into performing airbrush tans and I am so happy that I did. After enrolling in a certificate program and performing a hands on tan, I fell in love. Not only did I love actually giving a tan, I also fell in love with the entire sunless tanning industry. It fits right in with hair and makeup as just another apsect of the beauty world.

 One of the first things I researched was which brand to use and after a lot of searching and getting spray tans myself, I came across  Perfect Glow Sunless. Not only was it my favorite tan yet but it lasted and gave me the amazing color I wanted that looked completely natural and NOT ORANGE!!! I loved the product so much that I ordered their entire line, tanning system, and took the online training certificate course in order to get the proper education on the brand.

One of my favorite products so far is the Rapid Cocktail. This is a perfect blend of their two famous formulas, the Cocoa Beach and Dark Chocolate in a rapid formula so you can wash it off between 1 and 4 hours depending on how dark you want to get. I personally have had this tan before and I love that I don't have to sleep in it and I still get the amazing long-lasting color as if I was sprayed with a classic 8-hour tan.

Some of the benefits of spray tanning include: 

  • Blurring imperfections including stretch marks, cellulite, and scars
  • Get that "just got back from vacation" glow in less than 30 minutes
  • Spray tans make you look thinner
  • Long-lasting color for up to a week

Overall I have gotten great feedback from my clients that I have been practicing on and feel confident in offering this service as soon as this coming March! This will be a great add-on service for anyone attending a special event and wanting to look their best, especially for Brides.   

Jackie Romero