Beauty and the Braid

Braided Hairstyles


Braids are the latest trend making an appearance in all bridal hairstyles, and I don't see them going away anytime soon. As a professional hairstylist, I can't tell you how many brides I have had in this past year who have wanted to incorporate some form of braid in their hair. Trust me I'm not complaining; I love braids! I want to say that nine out of ten brides feel more comfortable having their hair down, or its preferred by their fiance to wear it down. This leads to the other concern I always hear, "I want to wear my hair down, but I don't want it to look how it looks every other day." Of course, it will look more glamorous than it does daily just by having it done professionally, adding in something as simple as a chunky braid can instantly add texture and intricacy to a simple style while still feeling comfortable with the look. 

They look even better if you have highlighted, balayage or an ombre style color. Although braids still look good in hair that's monotone, I recommend also adding subtle highlights to add some dimension to the hair and make the braid/braids show that much more in professional photos. The best thing about adding a braid to your hair is you can do all different kinds; I prefer to do dutch or fishtail braids. It can easily be worn down or in an updo as pictured below. 

Jackie Romero